7 Classy Hen Party Ideas

7 Classy Hen Party Ideas

6 Classy Hen Party Ideas!

If you are a bride-to-be or a maid of honour bestowed with the duty of planning a bachelorette party, then I am sure that hen party ideas have crossed your mind once or twice. However, if the clubs aren’t calling your name, and you would rather sweat in a sauna than on the dance floor, then look no further than this list for your guide to classy hen party ideas!

Sarah Sullivan
Sarah Sullivan
March 28, 2023

With the coming of wedding season comes the arrival of bachelorette parties galore. But if the clubs and pubs aren’t your style or you just want a weekend of relaxation with your girls before the big day, then you may be wondering what on earth to do for your hen party. There is no need to dismiss the idea of a bachelorette celebration on the back of not wanting to do it traditionally, as there are a whole host of classy things you could do instead to celebrate your special day. Alternative hen parties are now all the rage, but it can be overwhelming trying to think up a unique idea when you have spent months either planning every meticulous detail of your special day or supporting your friend through that exact process! We have taken the stress out of planning and given you a whole list of classy hen party ideas, so read on to find out more!

1. Have a private chef come to your house for a cosy night in with the girls!

If you want to forget about everything for a night and enjoy the company of your bridal party in a fun and casual setting before the chaos of the big day, then why not stay home? Dress to the nines and book a Nomad Chef to come to your house to prepare you a bespoke delicious, professional standard meal with the finest and freshest quality ingredients available. With the Nomad looking after the shopping, cooking and clearing up, it leaves you and the girls the perfect opportunity to don your matching silk bridal PJs, and head to the living room to binge-watch bridal movie classics like Bridesmaids!  You can’t get much better than that, so head over to our website to enquire with a Nomad Chef today, all that is left to do is to pop open the bubbly and get debating on the best wedding movie to watch!

Have a private chef come to your house for a cosy night in with the girls!

2. Go for afternoon tea in London followed by some shopping!

If you want to indulge your sweet tooth for a few hours then why not head for afternoon tea as a group? If you want to feel like royalty you can head to the Savoy to enjoy perfect bite-sized sandwiches that pack a punch of flavour and sweet treats that could pass as works of art themselves. Why not add a glass of Laurent-Perrier Champagne or Nyetimber sparkling wine to really celebrate your special day in style? The impeccable Thames Foyer atmosphere will lend perfectly to those all-important pre-wedding conversations or even more importantly, the talk of plans for the rest of the day! Once you have finished up at afternoon tea, why not head to Selfridges or Harrods for some window shopping (minus the window part if necessary of course)! We couldn’t imagine a more perfect hen party, and remember this option is also perfect for a wide range of budgets, so if you would rather keep it small and save your all-important pennies for the actual big day, then opt for a more budget-friendly option like Paul in Covent Garden or The Wallace!

Go for afternoon tea followed by some shopping!

3. Go for a spa weekend…as far away as possible!

If the wedding lead-up has left you a little worse for wear, and wrinkles are appearing where you’ve sworn they’ve never been, then maybe it is time for you and your bridal party to head for a spa weekend. Why not indulge yourself in a weekend of luxury, enjoying facials and massages to get rid of any signs or feelings of stress? With options available up and down the country at a variety of price points ranging from spa afternoons to full package weekends, you are sure to find something that suits your needs. Why not get on a train and get as far away from reality as possible, and don't forget to enjoy a glass of Prosecco or a mocktail when you get there! Check out SpaBreaks.com to find your perfect fit.

Go for a spa weekend… as far away as possible!

4. Go for a wine-tasting session

If you are wishing that you could be transported to Italy for a weekend of the finest culinary creations the planet has to offer, washed down with a glass or two of smooth, deeply rich and earthy Sangiovese, then don't book your plane tickets just yet! Avoid the stress of the airport and looming potential flight cancellations and opt for a wine tasting right here in London. Wine Unearthed London offers a day-long wine-tasting course, featuring 15 hand-chosen beauties, before enjoying an accompanying food and wine-matching lunch! Why not round out the day by heading to Eataly London to pick up a late-night cannoli or two for the way home? If wine isn’t your thing then why not try a cocktail-making session, the options really are endless! You could always head back to your own home and have a Nomad Cook ready and waiting to prepare you an authentic and truly delicious Italian menu to finish off your experience!

Go for a wine-tasting session

5. Attend a perfume-making session

A signature scent for your wedding day is a piece of memorabilia that many women hold near and dear to their heart; a hint of the scent in the air and you are transported back to the morning you got ready with all of your girls before walking down the aisle. A mix of excited nerves and a hint of Prosecco, all mixed in with some of your best memories with family and friends by your side. Whilst some women opt to buy their signature scent like any other day, why not take it one step further and attend a perfume-making session with your bridal party? Have every bridesmaid contribute a bit to your scent and you will have the most personalised bottle for your big day, with a piece of every one of your bridesmaids included. Better yet, every bridesmaid gets to make their very own scent for the wedding that they can keep as a keepsake! Check out London’s Experimental Perfume Club for choices ranging from one-hour sessions to full-day experiences!

Attend a perfume-making session

6. Have a yoga and meditation day

The rush and chaos of planning your wedding might have just left you with a ball of stress that only grows bigger every time you look at your emails or phone to see a message from a vendor. Why not leave your phone behind and take your girls on a yoga and meditation day to get rid of all stress and leave yourself rejuvenated before your big day. In the morning, head over to the early morning Sky Garden London yoga session for a chance to downward dog to spectacular views of the city at sunrise. A moment of bliss away from all of the hustle and bustle of your busy life. Although beware that this opportunity is only available in the summer months, so for the chance to experience pure serenity in the winter months head to Basic Space to escape reality for a morning. After you have finished with yoga, why not head for a meditation class at Vedic Meditation or head to Floatworks salt pools to truly bring yourself into the moment with your bridal party, forgetting every worry that you might have, as you slip into a state of calm. As much as it may be the calm before the storm, we think this could be a great way to spend your hen do!

Have a yoga and meditation day

All of these activities could be enhanced and made that bit more special by booking a Nomad Chef to come to your home and prepare you an exquisite menu on your return from a day of relaxation or gallivanting. So why not head over to our website to see all of the wonderful cuisines and menus that our Nomad’s have to offer you. Enquire with them today to make your hen do one-of-a-kind, in the best way possible! And don’t forget, when the real day comes around, our Nomad’s love catering for weddings, so if you like what you taste, enquire with them for your wedding day!

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