The best private chef services in London

The best private chef services in London

Best private chef services in London

When hiring a chef for the perfect at home celebration, the ease of booking, quality of food, price, character of the chef and standard of service are all key to ensuring you have a fabulous night. Every aspect has been taken into consideration to help you decide which service you should book for your next dinner party in London…

Emily Lowe
Emily Lowe
March 28, 2023

1. Nomad Chefs

Nomad Chefs private chef service

Nomad Chefs was founded by Jojo Kelly and Ben Harries in 2018. Jojo worked for a chef agency and witnessed first hand how agency-booked private chefs couldn’t deliver dinner guests the experience they deserve. The founders set up a platform where talented, up-and-coming chefs can use their free time to earn a fair wage, practise their craft and be chosen by reviews of past customers.

Key features: 

When it comes to the customer, menus can be designed to suit you, the prices are fair (similar to restaurant prices) with no hidden costs. They include a donation to One Feeds Two, the ingredients, the chef's time, a service fee and all the washing up. There is also transparency when it comes to the food sources, the majority of which is bought from local independent shops and markets. 

There is a strict onboarding process for Nomad Cooks chefs, so only 10% are admitted to the platform, guaranteeing you the best chefs available. All Nomads have reviews from past customers and price their own menu, which they receive 100% of. They are also given the autonomy to change their cooking style and the food on offer whenever they want! Nomads aren't just great chefs - they have incredible talents outside of cooking, including cycling, running, modelling, skiing and running their own businesses - to name a few.

How it works:

To begin your booking, select the number of people, date and type of cuisine you’d like. You can then browse the Nomads available. Once you’ve decided which sample menu you like the look of, enquire with them. The chef will get back to you to discuss your bespoke menu and any requirements you need. 

On the day, the Nomad will purchase the ingredients from the best sources possible, many from local London farmers markets. To find out where they source their ingredients - check their profile. They will then arrive to prep and cook the incredible food. Once everyone is ready, the Nomad will plate up the food and serve it, while talking you through the menu. Before the Nomad leaves, they will clean up everything to make it as hassle-free as possible for the host!

2. La Belle Assiette

La Belle Assiette private chef service

La Belle Assiette was founded in Paris in 2012 and made its way to the UK in 2014. It is now available in 7 countries and has a platform of around 700 chefs.  

Key features:

La belle assiette’s focus is on quality. The ingredients are sourced from the finest suppliers, the meals served look and taste impeccable and 98% of their reviews are 5 star. The menus on offer are all set and prices per head start at around £72 plus the booking fee.

How it works:

The process starts by selecting your preferred address, date and time. You are then given the choice of a “temptation, prestige or signature” style menu depending on your desired price point. A selection of several different set menus are then offered, dependent on which chefs are available for your dates. Once you have selected your chosen menu, you can input the number of guests and any add-ons you may desire. Your booking is then confirmed once you have proceeded to checkout and made the full payment. 

On the day, the chef purchases the ingredients from quality suppliers, all the food is cooked and prepared in your kitchen before being served to you and your guests. After the meal, the chef will leave your kitchen spotless by clearing away all the dishes and doing the washing up.

3. Take a Chef

Take a Chef private chef service

Take a Chef is a well established private chef service - founded in 2012, with the deep belief that the best of the culinary talent should not be kept hidden behind the thick walls of a restaurant's kitchen.

Key features

Take a Chef is a platform with over 40,000 private chefs spread across 100 different countries. There are 3 types of menus on offer; “basic, indulge and exclusive”, ranging from £70 to £140 per person. Its aim is to provide a service that combines technology, food knowledge and love for the hospitality business.

How it works

Enter your location, date, number of people, preferred cuisine, dietary requirements, equipment you have available and any details you’d like the chef to know, into the website. The best four chefs in the area will come back to you with a set menu and budget. Once you have decided on your favourite menu and candidate you can reserve the experience and wait for the chef to take care of the rest.

On the day, the chef buys the ingredients, prepares, cooks and serves their quality food to you, in the comfort of your own home or chosen venue, as well as cleans up afterwards! Any additional services such as drinks, service staff and tableware will be billed separately to your original booking.

4. Dine In Dulge

Dine In Dulge private chef service

Dine In Dulge was founded in 2015. It specialises in special occasions at home or on holiday. They are available to hire across 11 different countries. 

Key features: 

Dine In Dulge focuses on providing a service that is affordable, accessible and simple to use, you can get a quote sent to you within minutes. There is a choice of 4 different types of set menus to choose from including; “express, indulge, deluxe and platter” - depending on the amount you want to spend on your night. A wine pairing service can also be included to perfectly complement your meal.

How it works:

Start by selecting your location, dates and estimated number of people. You will then be offered a choice of different standards of set menus, with prices ranging from £30 to £120 per head. Depending on the amount you choose to spend, you can select which menu you’d like to choose. Dine In Dulge will then send you a quote, which you can secure by placing a £60 deposit - the number of people and menu can be changed up to 14 days before. 

On the day, Dine In Dulge will designate a private chef to you, depending on your chosen menu and location. The chef will arrive up to 4 hours before to prepare and cook your meal. The meal is then plated up, explained and served to you when ready. Cleaning is included in the service - the chef will clean your kitchen and plates before leaving.

5. Yhangry

Yhangry private chef service

Yhangry is a relatively new company that launched in 2019 and is growing very quickly

Key features:

Yhangry has over 400 set menus to choose from, cooked by over 300 different chefs, spread across London and Manchester. Prices start at £30 a head, and 35% goes to YHangry and the rest to the chef. Their platform is very simple and easy to place a booking! Details of the night and menus are sent immediately after booking to help you prepare for your chosen date.

How it works:

Firstly, you pick your prefered set menu, input your booking details and submit your order. Yhangry then sends a confirmation email with all the information in, including required kitchen equipment and chef arrival and departure time. 

On the day, Yhangry will send you their chosen chef who will arrive to prepare and cook a delicious meal. Once the table is laid by you, the food is served ‘sharing style’, if you would prefer the food plated, you can contact Yhangry and they will try to accommodate this for you. 

When it comes to placing your original order, you can request the chef to clean up after the meal for an added fee, this will give you more time to spend with family and friends!

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