3 Supper Club Ideas: A Complete Guide To Host Your Own Supper Club

Supper clubs are taking the foodie world by storm, and quite rightly so in our opinion. There is nothing that combines exquisite cuisine and a phenomenal atmosphere just like it. If you are even mildly curious about what a supper club entails, how to host a supper club or even the different types of supper clubs then read on to find out more. From cabaret supper clubs to Indian supper clubs we have it all!

Sarah Sullivan
Sarah Sullivan
March 28, 2023

What are Supper Clubs?

With supper clubs becoming all the rage, it has led many to fairly question what exactly is a supper club and whether it is just a restaurant. Whilst the two on the surface do seem similar, a restaurant is somewhere you simply go to eat, but a supper club is so much more than that. The name gives away that information if you think carefully, it is somewhere to enjoy food, hence ‘supper’, and somewhere to be social with others, hence the term ‘club’. Whilst supper clubs seem hip and trendy, they actually date back to the 1930s in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where one of the first supper clubs was founded. Imagine a hive for social networking, people enjoying live music and phenomenal food in a rural setting; a hidden gem away from the world. Of course, like any popular trend, it made its way across the pond and began popping up in the UK, where Brits attempted to recreate this classic American concept. Fast forward a few decades and supper clubs have only become more popular, but have gained a new meaning, that being an ‘underground restaurant’ or a ‘pop-up’ where you can dine, often being dazzled by the cuisine of interest and expertise of the host, interacting with others, either a large or small group, in settings that aren’t a traditional restaurant. Think of a house, office or event venue that fits the host's theme. Just like the word ‘pop-up’ suggests, these supper clubs are there one night and gone the next, but the air of mysteriousness does not mean these are exclusive events, they are to be enjoyed by everyone, sharing the cuisine and interests of the host, creating a breeding ground for conversation and fun.

With that being said, hosting or attending a supper club may have just landed a place on your coveted to-do list for the next couple of weeks, as a chance to reconnect with friends and family whilst enjoying exceptional food, in a wonderful environment. But how exactly do you go about hosting a supper club, how do I get a venue and a chef? Well, before you spiral into stress, we just happen to have three ready-made supper club themes for you, complete with the Nomad Chef you can hire to do the cooking and the venue from Venue Scanner so that all you have left to do is invite your friends and show up! So read on to find out how to go about hosting your own supper club, and if your friendship group happens to have a designated event planner, well then give them the hint by sending them the link!

What are supper clubs?

Indian Spice Supper Club

If there is any culture that captures mouth-watering flavours intertwined with a rich history, it is India, so what better way to honour this glorious culture than to throw a supper club in its name? Abhilasha Chandak is the culinary genius to create this unique atmosphere; a former culinary consultant and MasterChef India finalist, she is keen to take her guests on a journey across India, tasting the variety of vegetarian flavours that India’s diverse cuisine has to offer. Having jointly hosted a 10-course supper club previously, that was fantastically reviewed, she is wanting to bring her diverse heritage to life in much the same way in her next hosting opportunity. Taking guests through her personal history with her creations they will travel across India following the story of her life as a student, consultant and MasterChef finalist, directly through the flavours and dishes she creates. Having travelled to over 20 countries in her time, picking up culinary techniques and inspiration from all, but never straying far from her culinary heritage, she would like to create a 4-5 course supper club where she will use the finest of ingredients, including her homemade spice mixes, to create a unique but diverse culinary experience. Her food consulting days put her in the perfect position to pair wine and cocktails with her flavour-filled menu to take the experience to the next level. Head on over to the Nomad website today to enquire with Abhilasha about your next supper club or dinner party!

Nomad Chef Abhilasha Chandak

With the chef all sorted, the next step is the venue! As we have discussed, the venue of a supper club is a vital component of what makes a supper club different to a restaurant. It has to be unique and different. Venue Scanner is a service that allows you to book unique venues across the countries and with nearly 5000 options for London City alone you are bound to find something that suits your needs for your next supper club! We have done the work for you this time and chosen a fabulous venue that seals the deal on this Indian Supper Club. This majestic hanging garden venue in London perfectly pays homage to the cultural heritage of India where their glorious gardens are often noted in history, right back to the Celtic times in 3000 – 2000BC. Offering an oasis away from the buzz of the city, crafting a peaceful ambience for your perfect Indian night. Whether you want to host an Indian supper club for a handful of close friends or a large gathering of people, this venue can cater to both and we can imagine that it would be a magical and unforgettable night. Head over to Venue Scanner to enquire about the venue now!

Indian spiced-themed supper club

Cabaret Supper Club

The cabaret and supper club combination just makes sense. The origins of supper clubs go back to cabaret-style events and both are places to wine and dine, whilst socialising and enjoying entertainment. It is a killer combination. To create a cabaret supper club we recommend going with French cuisine to pay homage to the fabulous culture that began the trend of cabaret clubs and who better than Nomad Chef Joshua Dickinson who promises to throw a supper club in the name of gormandise! His time working in Belgium at In De Wulf was embellished when he dined at Alain Pasard’s restaurant Arperge during a trip to Paris. This was where Joshua’s flare for simplistic but full-on flavours was born. His culinary mantra is now influenced by beauty in simplicity, thanks to the Parisian meals that were perfectly cooked and seasoned, with no more than three tastes. His foundations were further compounded after moving to Paris to work at Le dauphin and Le Chateaubriand where he learnt that culinary rules do not exist, but one thing must remain consistent; respecting your produce. This is exactly why you will only be served the freshest of ingredients from Joshua, which he grows himself from a permaculture farm in East Sussex with his twin brother. His French menu will be accompanied by a selection of natural wines from Jura and Le Loire. These wines with a slight maceration making them orange in colour are some of Joshua’s favourites to work with but he wants to include some hand-picked red wine to fit the cabaret theme perfectly. If you picture Marie Antoinette, surrounded by platters of glorious French cuisine, this is exactly what Joshua hopes to recreate at this supper club! Head over to the Nomad website to enquire with Joshua now!

Nomad Joshua Dickson

With the Chef and menu all sorted for this cabaret supper club, it is time to return to VenueScanner for the London venue. It wouldn’t be right to host a cabaret-themed event without having a cabaret venue, so why not use this Jimi Loves Gloria Venue in London, which fits the cabaret theme to a tee? With bar tables and stools speaking to the causal cabaret vibe, as well as lights and decor that fit perfectly, it doesn’t get much better. It even has space for performers if you want to take the cabaret theme to the next level! Head over to the VenueScanner website to enquire further about this cabaret-ready venue!

Cabaret Themed Supper Club

Brilliant British Supper Club

If you would like to stick a bit closer to home then a brilliant British supper club has got to be on your list. Appreciating the finest cuisine that Britain has to offer with the most seasonal and fresh produce grown on local British farms. Modern British Nomad Chef Evy Meehan is exactly the chef that you need for an event like this. A former architect, artist, and MasterChef quarter-finalist, Evy promises to provide not only an exceptional food experience but also a visual masterpiece. Putting her creative skills to work to provide gorgeous additions to the evening such as table dressings with fresh flowers and natural materials, as well as printed menus and complimentary styled crockery. The ambience would be unmatchable, but we reckon that Evy’s menu could give it a run for its money. Suggesting beetroot cured salmon, horseradish mousse, salmon roe, apple gel, pickled beetroot discs, steamed beetroot cubes and seaweed powder for starter followed by slow-cooked ox cheeks, potato pave, butternut squash purée, parsnip purée, crispy kale, roasted shallots and beef jus for main. These classic British combinations are sure to fit right into the theme of a Brilliant British evening. The classic menu would be finished off by meringue with strawberry sorbet, strawberry powder, dry strawberries, fresh strawberries, almond Florentine, and strawberry gel for a classic British dessert. Evy is also a cocktail aficionado and promises to start the evening off with some pallet cleansing and a refreshing Lychee Martini's followed later in the evening with her favourite wine, Viognier. Head over to the Nomad Chef Website to enquire with Evy today!

Nomad Chef Evy Meehan

When you think of a classic British venue, you think of a classic kitchen with a farmhouse sink, green cupboards with gold flares and fresh produce laid upon the wooden worktop. This is Enrica Roca’s Cookery School Venue to a tee, which can be booked on Venue Scanner. With a beautiful private garden and open plan kitchen, you can watch MasterChef finalist Evy Meehan at work whilst you enjoy socialising with your closest friends. Located in North Kensington, your Brilliantly British Supper Club will be complete with this venue! Head over to the Venue Scanner website to enquire about booking this glorious location for your next supper club now!

Brilliant British Themed Supper Club
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