5 Best Autumn Recipes As Recommended By Private Chefs!

The leaves have changed colour and crunch underneath your shoes. Pumpkins have reappeared in supermarkets and cinnamon spice fills the air. There is no denying it, it is autumn. With autumn, comes a plethora of seasonal ingredients that can make up the most comforting dishes, from pumpkin pies to butternut squash recipes, so read on to find out the Autumn dishes that our Nomad Chefs recommend this year. With a variety of different options from vegan autumn recipes to warming grain salads, you won’t be disappointed!

Sarah Sullivan
Sarah Sullivan
March 28, 2023

We know that when the sun goes away and the trees change colours, it can be a bit disheartening, the unbearable summer suddenly doesn’t seem so unbearable. The putting away of the barbecue does not mean that the spectacular food that comes with summer has to be gone too. In fact, some of the most beautiful produce comes into season this time of year which means you can elevate your dishes to the next level whilst getting in touch with nature and all it has to offer us in autumn. Think butternut squash recipes, roasted corn garnishes, pumpkin pies and more, crafted into elegant dishes packed with autumnal flavours and spices. All of the recipes you will find on this blog are created by our Nomad Chefs just for you, so you know that they are the highest quality and bound to impress. So read on to find some of the best autumn recipes this year as recommended by private chefs!

1. Butternut squash and sage risotto with roasted hazelnuts

If you are looking for comfort on a spoon, then this butternut squash and sage risotto with roasted hazelnuts will leave you feeling full and warm from the inside out. The natural creaminess of this dish is balanced by the crunch of the roasted hazelnuts, standing to please the palate with a variety of textures. The squash, as ever, stands as the star of this dish with its mild nutty flavour, which is complimented perfectly by the fresh sage. For a comfort classic, you have got to try this dish made by Nomad Cook Jessica!

Butternut squash and sage risotto with roasted hazelnuts

2. Scallop, pumpkin, anchovy, garlic, brown butter and crispy sage

If you want to elevate your autumnal recipe repertoire, then this beautiful dish has got to be on the list. The buttery flavour of the scallops is the highlight of this dish, as the minty-musky sage harmonises with the nutty caramelised squash to create an autumnal appetiser that will be a showstopper. Why not create a squash-themed menu and follow this up with the caramelised squash with labneh, ginger, garlic tomatoes and fresh basil for an entrée? If you like the look of Nomad Chef Ben’s recipe, then why not check out his chef’s profile on our website?

Scallop, pumpkin, anchovy, garlic, brown butter and crispy sage

3.  Slow Cooked Cider Pork Belly with Apple Sauce

Nothing says cosy autumn evening curled up by the fireplace like apple cider. The deeply comforting combination of cider and sweetened fennel is used to infuse the juicy pork belly with autumnal flavour in Nomad Cook Lesley’s dish. The natural sweetness is balanced by a buttery potato mash that takes this completely elevated take on a roast, to the next flavour level.  A sprig of freshness is essential with some crunchy broccolini that gives a refreshing break from the deep and full-on flavours. All of this is topped off with meaty jus for the perfect accompaniment. Click here for the recipe.

Slow Cooked Cider Pork Belly with Apple Sauce

4. Spiced Clove Marbella Chicken

You couldn’t get more autumnal than spiced cloves and sweet, but perfectly seasonal, caramelised dates. The warming scent fills the room when, Nomad Chef, Georgie’s, Marbella Chicken is in the oven. There will be no need for candles this autumn as the caramelised brown sugar adds the perfect sweetness, paired with the complimentary earthy overtones from the oregano and cut through with a burst of citrus from the capers. If you try anything from this list, it has got to be the autumnal explosion of flavour! Why not serve it with an autumnal lentil salad, psst… click here for the recipe!

Spiced Clove Marbella Chicken

5. Autumn Lentil Salad

You can’t have autumn without butternut squash and its perfectly nutty flavour is put centre stage in this beautiful autumnal lentil salad by Nomad Cook, Georgie. The peppery puy lentils offer an earthy base for the tangy Cavolo Nero, which is perfectly balanced by the sweet and seasonal star, beetroot. Perfectly spiced with warming cumin and hot chilli flakes, this will chase out any cold and make sure you don’t need to turn the heating on this autumn! It also offers a wide variety of personalisation options, why not toast some almonds and throw them on top or add a burst of sweetness with some dried cranberries? The options are endless! Click here for the recipe.

Autumn Lentil Salad

If you prefer to eat autumnal dishes and don’t fancy the planning, cooking or clearing up, then why not book a Nomad Chef to cook for you? Simply head over to the website and enquire with the chefs who created these recipes. Autumn comfort just got a whole lot easier…..

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