5 steps for the ultimate summer garden party

Now we are well into June many of us will be starting to look ahead to the summer holidays and hosting summer parties. Read on to find out Nomad's top 5 tips for making sure your event is a knock out!

Sophy Dix Perkin
Sophy Dix Perkin
March 28, 2023

Tip #1: Setting

It can be hard to find the space in London but if you are lucky enough to have a garden or terrace even the smallest of spaces can cater for memorable evenings! Good outdoor furniture allows for the perfect al fresco setting for sit down meals. For more informal events or smaller spaces you can serve canapés and drinks instead and no extra space is taken up by tables and chairs. Alternatively, if you are lucky enough to live near a park or gardens then food can be prepared in your kitchen and then transported to the event.

Tip #2: Decoration

Good table decoration and lighting can make all the difference when it comes to setting the aesthetic of an event and making it a night to remember! We recommend using outdoor lighting wisely so that your event can make the transition from afternoon/evening to night time. Lanterns do a great job of creating soft, flattering light and citronella candles can help repel mosquitoes in the summer months. Bright table decorations and tableware can transform even the simplest or outdoor furniture - we recommend "glug jugs" for a fun take on water carafes!

Tip #3: Music

It's no secret that a good playlist can make or break an event and is key when it comes to setting the right mood! It depends on your personal taste and what the theme of your event is (if any) but here are a few Nomad favourites:

Tip #4: Drinks

Make sure everyone arrives in a good mood by greeting them with a cocktail! Everyone has a favourite drink that they associate with summer, perhaps its the Wimbledon classic Pimms, or a Mediterranean Aperol Spritz but why not push the boat out this summer and try one of our favourites:

Tip #5: Food

At Nomad we of course believe quality food to be the key to any good event - big or small! As we roll into the summer season our chefs like to keep everything as fresh and seasonal as possible. All of our chefs are happy to cater al fresco (provided they have easy access to your kitchen). As a host you already have plenty to do with entertaining and cocktail making so why not ensure the ultimate level of ease for your garden party and let one of our chefs take care of the food and cleaning for you?

Hire a local private chef for your special occasion. They buy the ingredients, cook and do the washing up.
Prices start at £30/head. Search here.

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