The best non-alcoholic drinks

The best non-alcoholic drinks

8 Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks For Your Next Summer Party!

From non-alcoholic gin, non-alcoholic cider, non-alcoholic Guinness to mocktails and more, the options are endless for your non-alcoholic drinks menu! Check out our complete list of the best non-alcoholic drinks for your next summer party!

Sarah Sullivan
Sarah Sullivan
March 28, 2023

Picture this…. you’ve spent all day in your back garden sunbathing, and your ‘ice-lolly’ sticky hands pick up your phone to see your Whatsapp group of closest friends telling you how excited they are to come over for your summer party tonight. You’ve booked a Nomad Chef so there is no need to worry about shopping, cooking, or cleaning up after a long night because that’s all covered. All that’s left to do is sort the drink situation, except this year, more of your friends don’t drink than do. But put down the orange juice and lemonade…because, from non-alcoholic gin, non-alcoholic ciders, non-alcoholic beers, mocktails and more, we’ve got you sorted. Read on to find out what you should be stocking your cooler with this year.

1.  Best Non-Alcoholic Beer: Big Drop Brewing Co Paradiso Citra IPA

Holding the World’s Best Style Winner award in the 2021 World Beer Awards, it’s no wonder there are more than 150 five-star reviews attesting to this brew’s resemblance to your classic pint, so stocking your cooler with a case of these can’t be bad idea! And if you have any friends with intolerances? These are gloriously gluten-free (less than 20 PPM)! With no more than 0.5% ABV, the citrus undertones make this a great thirst quencher and there is no doubt that your cooler will run out quick.

Best non-alcoholic beer: Big Drop Brewing Co Paradiso Citra IPA

Stock up on their website or find them on Instagram

2.  Best Non-Alcoholic Gin: Juniperl Mediterranean Spirit

That's right, you can't go wrong with a classic, so muddle some lemon and grab a can of tonic as giving up alcohol does not mean you need to give up your favourite tipple. Every age group from the old timers to the twenty somethings will be impressed with the flavour profile that combines hints of juniper berries and other aromatics topped with a crisp grapefruit note. The drink combinations are endless with this drink from a classic tonic mixer to a fruity flavoured sparkling water or add it to a jug of fruit juices for a virgin sangria!

Best Non-Alcoholic Gin: Juniperl Mediterranean Spirit

For more information check out their Instagram or shop them online here.

3. Best Canned Mocktail: Niche Mocktails

Swap out your time behind the bar mixing together 100 different ingredients and make sure you are maximising your time with family and friends by indulging in some gold 0% ABV pre-made mocktails! Leave the lime and soda on the side and choose from 1 of 4 flavours that are bound to transport you to somewhere else for the evening. Jet off to South America whilst sipping on their Brazilian Lime Margarita Cocktail or take a trip to Japan with their Matcha Mojito Mocktail. Jet lag and a hangover are a thing of the past with these wonders and with all natural ingredients we can technically call it self care right?

Best Canned Mocktail: Niche Mocktails

Grab some online or check out their Instagram for more!

4. Best Non-Alcoholic Sangria: Sangria Señorial

It wouldn’t be summer without Sangria, if the alliteration isn’t enough to tell you they belong together then maybe the undeniable combination of sweet and refreshing fruits with the tartness of wine grapes is enough to convince you. Sangria Señorial ticks every box that a sangria should without the obvious ingredient….alcohol! Combining zesty lemon and tart wine grapes, then sweetened perfectly, the pitcher won’t stay full for long so have enough on hand to satisfy the masses. Combine sliced citrus fruit and strawberries for the perfect summer sangria and if you feel like spicing it up why not add your favourite non alcoholic spirit!

Best Non-Alcoholic Sangria: Sangria Señorial

Stock up online here!

5. Best Non-Alcoholic White Wine: Spanish Dry Torres Natureo 2017 Muscat 0.0% Alcohol Free Wine

If you don’t want to compromise on the flavour of meticulously fermented high calibre grapes, then Torres Natureo 0.0% alcohol White Wine is your answer. The floral and fruity flavour created in the fermentation process will be poured straight into your glass as the alcohol is only withdrawn following the settling of flavours. Composed solely of notably floral Muscat grapes, coordinate with your Nomad chef for a white fish main course to pair perfectly with this drink.

Best Non-Alcoholic White Wine: Spanish Dry Torres Natureo 2017 Muscat 0.0% Alcohol Free Wine

Grab a case online or check out their instagram!

6. Best Non-Alcoholic Red Wine: Wednesday’s Domaine Sanguine

If your Nomad chef is serving up a summer pork dish then this fragrant Sanguine by Wednesday’s Domaine should be on your menu! The flavours of blackcurrant and aromas of plums coat the palate as the La Mancha region Tempranillo grapes delicately squeezed and fermented, loose none of their flavour on their journey to your glass. The absence of alcohol from this liquid silk will not go unnoticed by your guests, but the impressive flavour profile will leave a lasting impression that is sure to have the bottle passed round the table a time or two.

Best Non-Alcoholic Red Wine: Wednesday’s Domaine Sanguine

Order a case online or check them out on Instagram.

7. Best Non-Alcoholic Rose: Carl Jung Rosé

If your Nomad Chef is serving up a cheese board or fruity salad then this alcohol-free rosé from the pioneer of non-alcoholic wine, Carl Jung, is for you! His method of alcohol extraction is regarded as the origin of non-alcoholic wine, and it has matured just like a bottle of vintage Port. The light but fruity flavour of this wine is preserved and recovered through the vacuum process designed in Germany 100 years ago. This ensures the strawberry and raspberry overtones and delicate Palma violet aromas can tipple into your glass, complementing your meal all in the absence of alcohol.

Best Non-Alcoholic Rose: Carl Jung Rosé

Stock up on their website or check them out on Instagram!

8. Best Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wine: Nozeco

It wouldn’t be a party without something sparkling, and just because you are skipping the alcohol does not mean you have to pass on a celebratory glass of bubbly! That’s why Nozeco comes in as our top sparkling wine as it does the job that any good Prosecco would do - gets everyone uplifted and laughing with the pop of the cork and the fruity pop of flavour that every summer party needs. Coming in a sparkling rosé variety as well, you can experiment with it as a base for some sparkling mocktails that doesn’t break the bank (just £3.75 in most major retailers!)

Best Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wine: Nozeco

Read more about these fantastic wines here or stock up online and find them on Instagram!

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