Best Spotify Playlists for Your Next Dinner Party

A dinner party isn’t quite the same without some tunes to set the mood. Whether you want a sophisticated dinner party vibe, fuelled with jazz music, or a funky dancing disco evening that keeps the neighbours up, music is what can take your dinner party to the next level! So don’t be shy, read on to find out the best dinner party playlists to use this year…..

Sarah Sullivan
Sarah Sullivan
March 28, 2023

Whether you are hosting for a few close friends and want to create a welcoming atmosphere or have invited the entire village to your Disco Fever themed night, you are going to want some music for your next dinner party. But we all know the feeling of dread that comes with the AUX landing in our hands and the speakers being at our will. Suddenly, you have no idea what music you like or what on earth to add to the queue that won’t ruin the vibe. So, we have done you a huge favour and found some of the best playlists Spotify has to offer to fit any mood or theme of your next dinner party. So, act cool as a cucumber if you get landed with the responsibility of the music and head straight to us for everything you need to know!

Sophisticated Vibes:

If you are looking to host a dinner party that is more ball gowns than burgers, then you will most definitely be wanting to set the mood with a sophisticated music playlist that oozes elegance. By sticking to orchestral or instrumental playlists you can make sure your guests’ conversations aren’t overpowered, whilst creating a sophisticated atmosphere that lends perfectly to Prosecco sipping and village gossiping, just like Bridgerton!

Themed Party Vibes:

We think paying attention to detail is what takes a dinner party form good to great, so a themed dinner party can really be taken up a notch when every little detail fits the theme. So, don’t neglect your music choice if you want to transport your guests to a different place and time for your dinner party and check out some themed dinner party playlist ideas below!

Chilled Casual Vibes:

We get it. You haven’t seen your friends in a while, so you are genuinely interested in catching up with their gossip and news, so you are just looking for some good background music that doesn’t drown out your friends voices. But at the same time, you know that one friend that just loves to bring politics to the table and you are not here for that awkward silence. So, you need some music that can hold its own as background music but can still be turned up if a sing-along is needed to diffuse some tension! From lo-fi beats to well-known hits, look no further than right here!

Fun and Funky Vibes:

Sometimes, we just don’t want to be basic and at Nomad Chefs we wholeheartedly belief in making your dinner parties one to remember. So, if you have designed an extra special menu with your Nomad Chef then you are going to want to have the right playlist to match!  We don’t do boring, and we definitely don’t think you should either, so make your playlist as fun and flavourful as your menu! Like the sound of that? Well head over to our website to enquire with a Nomad Chef today and in the meantime, check out these extra funky playlists below!

With the right playlist selected, your night is already on its way to being pretty memorable! So, once you know the vibe you are aiming for and have the perfect playlist to match, the last thing to do is to book your Nomad Chef who can cook you and your friends the perfect menu made with the freshest of ingredients to match the vibe you want to create! If you like the sound of delicious food, no cooking, cleaning or shopping, then head over to our website today to browse our huge selection of private chefs! We are sure they would love to jam out to your playlists whilst they cook up a storm in your kitchen!

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