Christmas Present Ideas for Foodies!

Sleigh bells are ringing, and mince pies are back on the shelves. That only means one thing... It is Christmas! Whilst, Christmas brings feelings of joy, it can also be a whirlwind of stress when you have 20 gifts to buy, and you are frantically looking up ‘gifts for mum’ or ‘gifts for him’ on Google. Well, if your friend, Mum or Dad happen to be a foodie, then look no further than this list of Christmas present ideas for Foodies!

Sarah Sullivan
Sarah Sullivan
March 28, 2023

It is the last run-up to Christmas so last-minute shopping is on a lot of people’s to-do lists, but figuring out what exactly to buy for that special person in your life, who may be a bit trickier, might just be top of that list. We believe that there is no greater gift than the gift of great food, so if your lucky recipient just happens to be a foodie, or you just want to try something new for that person you don’t know what to get, then check out our list below for some festive foodie inspiration. We don’t know many people who wouldn’t be thrilled with these food-filled presents, so cross off thinking of gift ideas from your to-do list and get out the wrapping paper instead!

1. Book a Nomad Cook or get a Nomad gift card!

There is no better gift than the gift of memories, they last a lifetime and can include so many of your close friends and family. Having a private chef come to your home to cook just for you and your loved ones is the picture of sophistication at a completely affordable price, starting from just £40 a head. So why not give the gift of a gastronomical experience with a Nomad Chef, who will bring you on a culinary journey, allowing your gift receiver to kick back, and enjoy their loved ones’ company, without needing to lift a finger to cook, shop, or clean? You could make this a combined present and cross off a few names on your list, all you have to do is head to our website, filter by cuisine if you know the group would have a preference, and get in touch with our talented chefs! If you don’t fancy booking the night yourself, you can always purchase one of our gift cards, so you can allow them to redeem it at any point, giving full control and choice of their guest list, cuisine and Nomad Chefs, so they can customise their dream Nomad night. The best part of Christmas is always gathering your loved ones to share a meal together and enjoy great food, so by buying that loved one a Nomad experience or gift card, they will get that culinary magic at some point in the year again, but this time, the roast potatoes will be guaranteed to be crispy and not burnt!

Book a Nomad Cook or get a Nomad gift card!

2. Book a Pasta Evangelist pasta-making masterclass!

Whilst a plane ticket to Italy might be slightly out of budget, you can still give the gift of an Italian culinary experience from the heart of London. The Pasta Evangelists offers a variety of pasta-making masterclasses for different budget allowances. Each session, which is taught by a skilled Italian chef and includes unlimited Prosecco, gives you the precise abilities and skills, built on artisan techniques and authentic Italian traditions, required to produce your own, fresh, and flawlessly cooked pasta. You can jet off to Rome and be guided in the creation of the most perfect fettuccine, head to Venice to be brought on the adventure of filled pasta, or Tuscany for the perfect pappardelle. Head to their website to browse all of the available classes, it is just like picking an Italian city for your next getaway!

Book a Pasta Evangelist pasta making masterclass!

3. A food hamper filled with your favourites!

There is nothing better to get for a foodie than just a lovely selection of exquisite edibles that they wouldn’t normally buy for themselves. Whilst there are plenty that you can buy online ready-made from the likes of Cartwright and Butler or John Lewis, you can always give it a more personalised touch by making it yourself. Choose your favourite chutney, cheese, savoury biscuits and bottle of wine for a wine and cheese night hamper, or go for a dessert heaven hamper, with your choice of decadent chocolates, luxurious cookies or meringues, all accompanied by your favourite bottle of Prosecco. Again, this could be customised for any budget, choose a smaller hamper size and opt for family favourites or even homemade goodies, or you could go all out with a luxury wine and chocolate combination, the choice is yours! If all of that sounds like one trip to the shops too many, then why not head over to our Instagram page to enter our ultimate Christmas Hamper giveaway which includes a £100 Nomad Cook voucher, as well as some delicious goodies?

A food hamper filled with your favourites!

4. Nomad Cook Abhilasha Chandak’s ‘Master Healthy Vegetarian Home-Cooking’ online interactive course!

Abhilasha Chandak is a talented Nomad Chef who is also a published cookbook author, winner of the Hyatt Culinary Challenge prize and a MasterChef India Finalist. The master of healthy vegetarian cooking is offering you the chance to join her on her interactive course where you will follow a tailored plan including live cooking sessions, home challenges and projects, as well as recipes, and on-demand tutorials. This is an online cooking course like no other where you can interact with other cooks on the course in their exclusive gatherings or chat in the live sessions, not only are you building a repertoire of recipes curated by a talented professional, but you are also building a network of enthusiastic foodies. Sign your loved one up for the course and watch as they grow into a master of vegetarian cooking guided by the experience and wisdom of Abhilasha. As a by-product, you may be sampling some delicious dishes so this may just be a gift to yourself! Head over to their website to sign your loved one up for the course, or head over to the Nomad Chef website to enquire with Abhilasha if you fancy having her cook at your next dinner party!

Nomad Cook Abhilasha Chandak’s ‘Master Healthy Vegetarian Home Cooking’ online interactive course!

5. A charcuterie board delivered to their home or homemade!

There is nothing a foodie loves more than a perfect pairing of the finest local produce and an ability to share it with others, that is where the charcuterie board comes into play. An exquisite mix of creamy cheese, salty cured meats and the needed burst of sweetness from fresh fruit or decadent smooth chocolate, all curated to be shared amongst friends, making it the perfect gift for a foodie! There are plenty of online retailers who can deliver the perfect bundle to your loved one's door but The Kent Charcuterie Company offers the ideal selection of sweet, salty and creamy flavours and textures, in their boards made from local produce and small suppliers. If you don’t fancy buying a charcuterie board ready-made, then making one yourself is also a perfectly good budget-friendly option. Simply pick up a nice chopping board from your local supermarket and head into the food aisles to find your favourite cheeses, meats and sweet treats to fill the board. There are plenty of tutorials available online to give you some inspiration on how to lay it out, then all that is left to do is wrap it in cellophane and make an extra one for yourself…. you will no doubt want one by the end!

A charcuterie board delivered to their home or homemade!

Buying a Christmas present for your foodie friend or family member has never been so easy, simply pick one from the list and you are good to go! Remember, a Nomad night doesn’t just have to be for your foodie friend, anyone that is on your Christmas gifting list is sure to love a night filled with memories and exceptional food, so head over to our website to check out our talented chefs and find out more information!

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