Food Trends 2023

The turn of the new year means that last year’s crazy hot food trends like mochi, whipped coffee, and matcha become figments of the past to make way for new food trends that are going to take our palates by storm! If you want a sneak peek into what your feed will be serving you up this year, then read on to explore what fabulous food trends 2023 has to offer!

Sarah Sullivan
Sarah Sullivan
March 28, 2023

2022 offered us some fantastic and fun food trends that filled our feeds. From charcuterie boards to baked oats, mochi to cloud bread, the food trends of 2022 had us busy in the kitchen, whipping up weird and wonderful flavours that were mostly hit but occasionally a miss, I’m looking at the balsamic sparkling water ‘healthy Coke’… enough said there. But with the turn of the new year, that means these trends are all old news and it is time to make way for the food stars of 2023 that could change our diets for good! If you are interested in finding out what we think the greatest food trends of 2023 will be, then read on to find out more!

1. Sustainable Eating

The Covid-19 pandemic saw a huge increase in health and eco-consciousness amongst the public, with consumers actively seeking out foods that were good for them and the planet a like. It is now no secret that the food system is one of the most damaging to our climate, with huge levels of carbon emissions coming from every stage of the value chain, from intensive fertiliser use in industrial farms, to food wastage in supermarkets. This means that sustainable eating has now focused its attention on regenerative agriculture that maximises low-impact resources and minimises the use of polluting fertilisers. Therefore, some of the hottest trends in 2023 will revolve around locality and seasonality, reducing the travel miles of our food as much as possible in an effort to support small-scale farmers focused on regenerative agriculture which supports our planet. Nomad chef Joshua Dickinson was well ahead of this incoming trend, and has been working on growing all of his ingredients for his menus from his permaculture farm in East Sussex, meaning that every dish he prepares for your dinner party has elements taken straight from the ground, grown with low-impact resources, limiting the carbon impact of his cooking! If you would love to throw a sustainable and seasonal dinner party in 2023, head over to the Nomad website to enquire with Josh today about his availability and menus!

Sustainable Eating

2. Plant-based Diets

In line with the growing trend of sustainable value chains and eating from local regenerative farmers in an effort to reduce the carbon impact of our food, a huge trend in 2023 will be more and more people turning to a plant-based diet in an effort to take the fight against climate change one step further by changing their dietary behaviours completely. With meat production being one of the least sustainable farming practices and less efficient uses of crops, pushing crops away from human consumption and towards animals to fuel our unsuitable behaviour, consumers in 2023 will look to switch out their beef steak for plant-based proteins such as Beyond Meats or legume alternatives such as lentils or chickpeas. With the focus turning towards veg as a suitable diet, we are likely to see a great amount of experimentation and colour with people attempting to recreate old favourites in plant-based formats, we are sure that your feed will be filled with friends attempting plant-based feasts! If you are experimenting with a plant-based lifestyle, then why not have one of our Nomads come treat you and your friends and family to a plant-based feast! Nomad Chef Abhilasha Chandak, a former MasterChef finalist has specialised in plant-based cooking throughout her whole culinary journey, blending traditional Indian flavours from her heritage and childhood with culinary revelations she has picked up on her world travels, so she would be the perfect chef for your next plant-based culinary adventure! Head over to the Nomad website to enquire with Abhilasha now!

Plant-based Diets

3. Experiences and Personalisation

In 2023 we are going to see a huge rise in demand for experiences, this means that consumers are willing to pay that little bit extra to have a memory they can cherish, over and beyond just going out to a restaurant or ordering in a takeaway. Not to toot our own horn, but private chef experiences will be all the rage this year with people wanting to move out of the passive role of traditional dining towards a “Chef’s Table” style meal where they can interact with the chef and learn from their culinary experiences. Not only will consumers crave an experience when it comes to food, they will want to see that experience completely personalised to themselves, in terms of the flavours they enjoy and the values of the chef or restaurant they are eating from. This trend will most definitely blur the lines between the food and health & wellness industry. Personalised nutrition platforms like ZOE will be popular in 2023 as people look to customise their food to their health needs. This seems to suggest that food in 2023 will mean the complete experience it entails, the story behind it and the chef that makes it, rather than just a meal on a plate.

Experience and Personalisation

4. Low Sugar Indulgence

Don’t get us wrong, while health consciousness is all the rage, giving up on indulgence is not on the cards any time soon! This means that traditional indulgent flavours made with low-sugar alternatives are going to be all the rage in 2023. The increasing attention given to gut health in the recent year will also mean that high-fibre alternatives to sugar will see a big uptake in 2023, so imagine fruit-sweetened desserts and oat-based baked goods when you start thinking about 2023 pudding selections! There are some great alternatives currently offered on the market like Gü Light or Coconut Collaborative chocolate pots, but if you are on the hunt for a low-sugar dessert for your next dinner party to really impress your guests, then head to the Nomad website to enquire with a Nomad Chef to see what they can whip up to wow your guests, they won’t even know its low sugar!

Low Sugar Indulgence

If you fancy trying out these new trends but don’t know where to start, and the thought of shopping, cooking, and cleaning is just a bit much post-Christmas rush, then head over to our website to browse our selection of chefs and enquire with them about a 2023 food trend dinner party! They will be able to incorporate these fantastic trends into opulent dinner party menus that will impress even your most trend-sceptical guest!

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