Introducing Nomad Chef Adriano Vitiello

We are so so excited to introduce our first Sushi Chef - Nomad Adriano Vitiello! Adriano’s cuisine is inspired by traditional Japanese recipes with a modern Londonese twist and his personal purpose of sharing the most genuine and unique culinary experience. Adriano developed his skills in well known Japanese restaurants across London.

Emily Lowe
Emily Lowe
March 28, 2023

How did you get into cooking?

I have always been part of the Hospitality industry, with my first Italian summer jobs as a waiter, after the high school I worked in restaurants and hotels, then at 23 yo I left for London, at the beginning I worked in the cafeteria to learn English, then waiter in Roka, and here I understood the connection with Japanese cuisine, the beauty in the presentation of each dish, the colours, the simplicity, the emphasis in seasonal ingredients, the bright and delicate flavours. So I decided to become a Chef and I started with the most typical and tasty dish of Japanese cuisine, the Ramen.

How does your upbringing influence your cooking style?

Some of my Italian chef friends blame me for betraying my native cuisine, and it's true, honestly I prefer the Japanese one, very likely at home I eat more rice than pasta, I add soy sauce everywhere and I almost always prefer eating fish raw, like sashimi. But still, I remember very well the hours spent in the kitchen with my grandmother, the smells and flavours of her dishes, the local ingredients of the areas of Vesuvius in Naples, I still admire the simplicity and fullness of flavours with which my grandmother masters her cuisine. The thing I love the most is not sushi, wagyu beef or noodles, but Bread, which reminds me of home.

What do you love most about being a chef? 

The Freedom that I feel in the moments of creativity of a dish, absolutely this is the feeling I love most, but there are many others, the study behind a dish, the surprise of new flavours, new ingredients, new combinations and also the failures and successes that lead to greater awareness,  last but not least, the hard work with the team.

If you weren’t a chef, what do you think you would be?

I’d definitely work as a mechanic of motorbikes and karts, I love engines and mechanical parts.

Where do you want to be with your career in 5 years time?

Hopefully, I will manage my own restaurant.

Your favourite herb

Sancho Pepper. Sansho pepper is a healing medicinal herb related to the Sichuan peppercorn; it has a floral, tangy, and lemon-like flavour. You can use it for fish seasoning, barbecue dishes, and grilled meat

Most interesting chef you’ve met

I haven't met Him yet but he is a chef working in a very traditional restaurant in Osaka, he knows all the techniques i'd love to learn, he is very skilled with knives and works with great ingredients.

What is a quote you live by

Work Hard Stay Focused

Your favourite restaurant in London

Sushi Tetsu in Clerkenwell is a special, and Yamagoya Ramen in Waterloo

Your favourite kitchen utensil

My Gyuto Knife high carbon steel ultra sharp !!

Here is a taste of Adriano's menu...

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