Introducing Nomad Chef Anna Frazer

From deciding to make my own dinner after school as a very head-strong 11 year old to training at Leiths culinary school on the intensive year long diploma, I’ve always been obsessed and uplifted by food - cooking and eating! Being able to feed people as a profession over the last 2 years has only deepened my love for food and the part it plays in our lives.

March 28, 2023

At heart, I’m a pasta enthusiast and a skilled pasta maker - from dough to plate - parpadelle / tortellini / ravioli/ agnolotti & more. I’m passionate about Italian influences on the food that I make - taking modern European cooking methods and pairing them with British inspired flavours & produce. I’m constantly expanding & developing  my recipes and create bespoke dishes and experiences for my clients to enjoy.

How did you get into cooking?

Cooking has always fascinated me - from demanding I cook my own dinner after school at the tender age of 11 to learning professionally at Leiths.

How does your upbringing influence your cooking style?

Travel is my second love (after food) - exploring different cultures and seeing how cuisines develop across borders is a beautiful thing so I try to incorporate different techniques and flavours where I can.

What do you love most about being a chef?

Creativity! Exploring the never-ending world of food through trial & error, mostly with success!

If you weren’t a chef, what do you think you would be?

In an alternate universe, a professional eater.

If you could bring 3 items to a desert island what would you bring and what would you make with them?

Sesame oil, limes & soy sauce - catch some fish & smother them in this dressing and you will never eat badly.

What are your favourite hobbies/things to do on your days off away from the kitchen?

Running & exercise, eating out, watching trash tv (guilty!)

Where do you want to be with your career in 5 years time?

Expanding my little business - catering large events around the country, specialising in canapes & nibbles

Your favourite herb


Your favourite restaurant in London


Most interesting chef you’ve met

Merlin Labron Johnson - Osip 

What is a quote you live by

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take 

Your favourite kitchen utensil

Pasta tongs

Here is a taste of Anna's  menu...

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