Introducing Nomad chef Fran Currie

Having cooked from a very early age for friends and family, Fran trained professionally at Le Cordon Bleu at the beginning of 2020. For the past year she has been working in professional kitchens, as a private chef within clients homes, and as a recipe developer and food writer. Fran’s food philosophy is to create meals that are delicious using high quality ingredients first and foremost, with the fact that it is vegan a secondary afterthought. If you are interested in trying more plant based cuisine or have been following a vegan lifestyle for a while, she would love to be able to cook for you in the comfort of your own home for you and your loved ones.

Emily Lowe
Emily Lowe
March 28, 2023

How did you get in to cooking?

I have always been really intrigued by cooking, watching my Mum for hours in the kitchen
when I was little. I remember asking for my first cookbook for my 7 th birthday and it went
from there, pretty much trying everything in the book and forcing my siblings to be taste
testers. My love for cooking and baking was only a hobby until I released at age 24 I could
do it for a living and get paid…absolute dream!

How does your upbringing influence your cooking style?

I grew up in a lively household with three siblings which meant there was always something
going on. My Mum is an amazing cook and we were always eating something tasty. Dinner
was the one time during the day where we could be together, tell stories, chat and catch up.
My cooking style is very reflective of this, delicious sharing food that brings people together
to share in the experience.

What do you love most about being a chef?

I love how creative it allows me to be, I get to do something that I love every single day! It
doesn’t really feel like work most of the time, which I am really grateful for.

If you weren’t a chef, what do you think you would be?

I think I would want to be an event planner, I love organising and hosting so it would be a
great combination.

What is a quote you live by

In a world where you can be anything, be kind.

Favourite restaurant in London

Mallow or Tendril – both are amazing!

Favourite herb


Most interesting chef you’ve met

Ollie Dabbous

Desert island ingredient

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Here is a taste of Fran's menu...

Nomad Cook Fran Currie's sample menu

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