Our Nomad Cook's guide to Veganuary

Our Nomad Cook's guide to Veganuary

5 tips to smash Veganuary!

No matter whether you’re vegan already, or just curious - here are our top 5 ways to smash Veganuary!

Emily Lowe
Emily Lowe
March 28, 2023

For those of you wondering why you should try going vegan this January, here are just a few reasons:

  • It opens the door to a whole new type of food: there are SO many vegan and veggie restaurants popping up.
  • Save money: a diet focused on plants is significantly cheaper than one focused on meat and fish.
  • To create a healthy balanced diet by mixing it up: consuming less red and processed meat and more plant-based foods such as vegetables, beans, soy, and nuts can offer many potential health benefits.
  • Contribute to looking after the planet: reducing consumption of meat can help contain production of greenhouse gases that impact climate change.
  • It can also help lessen the demand for precious environmental resources such as land, water and energy.
  • Widen your palette! Lots of different cultures have delicious vegetarian food, such as Asian, Indian and Middle Eastern.

For many, there is fear that limiting your diet to just plants is difficult. However, as veganism has become more and more popular, it has become far easier to be vegan in 2022. With fast food restaurants such as Gregg’s introducing their vegan sausage roll, McDonald’s introducing the McPlant and supermarkets constantly adding incredible products to their vegan section- we’re practically spoilt for choice. With guidance from our talented Nomads, we have selected our top tips for giving it a go this month...

  • Try out a new recipe from one of our favourite vegan or vegetarian cookbooks

With veggie and vegan specific cookbooks - you’ll never be lacking inspiration. Try our favourites:

Not to forget our Nomads! We are frequently updating our website and social media with delicious new recipes made by them. Click here to view.

  1. Visit your local vegan cafe for breakfast

London is full of some amazing independent, vegan cafes - run by top chefs. Their menus are vast and cater for all preferences. Some of our most popular are listed below:

3. Try alternative vegan produce

2021 was a breakthrough year for so many delicious plant based brands. They have become widely available online, in supermarkets as well as in independent shops. Here are some of our favourite brands that will make going vegan that little bit easier:

  1. Follow some awesome vegan food accounts on instagram

Social media is full of incredible people sharing their top recommendations for recipes, food and places to eat - with many of them specialising in a plant based diet. Here to name just a few:

  1. Host a vegan dinner party

From Italian to seasonal British, our chefs Ryan, Yuri and Fran are available to book for an incredible vegan feast! To enquire now with a private chef, click here. We have had countless customers who don't count themselves as vegans who have raved when they have have tried our chefs. Read below for proof!

Hire a local private chef for your special occasion. They buy the ingredients, cook and do the washing up.
Prices start at £30/head. Search here.

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