60th Birthday Ideas: how to celebrate a milestone birthday in style!

When it comes to those milestone birthdays, like a 60th birthday, you want to celebrate it in style. It is all about celebrating the year you’ve had and the friends you have accumulated along the way, rather than feeling dampened by the number clicking upward. That means you need fun 60th birthday ideas to get excited about. The only problem is, by the time you’ve had your 30th birthday party, 40th birthday party and 50th, you may find you’ve used up all of your creative inspiration and are frantically searching ‘60th birthday ideas’ and asking friends and family what to do! Well, look no further, we’re here to give you some fundamentals to celebrate your 60th in style

Sarah Sullivan
Sarah Sullivan
March 28, 2023

When you are faced with planning yours, or someone else’s 60th birthday party, it may feel rather overwhelming. Whether to go big or keep it intimate, go out or stay in, theme or no theme, there are so many factors that go into it. But at Nomad Chefs, we believe that every great party has a few fundamental principles that if you can get right, will lead to a fantastic night to remember. So instead of scrolling through 60th birthday ideas for hours on end, why not focus on the Nomad party fundamentals for a 60th birthday party to remember?

1. The Food: Book a Nomad Cook for a party designed by you!

The first thing to do to kick off a night of such a special celebration is to book a Nomad chef to curate a bespoke culinary experience for your party attendees. Whether it be for canapés, a small dinner party with a personalised menu or a large catered event, there are a wide array of events that a Nomad can make extra special, with an array of flavours or cuisines that perfectly represent you. With no need to worry about shopping, cooking, or cleaning up, you can maximise your time enjoying your birthday celebrations and company. Why not head outside London and bring a Nomad holiday chef, after all... a 60th is a special birthday so why not go the extra mile, quite literally. You can browse for the Nomad chefs that catches your eye or perhaps filter by cuisine, for which there is a huge variety on offer, and then enquire about the menu of your dreams, matching a theme or just your firm favourites!

1. The Food: Book a Nomad for a party designed by you!

2. The Theme: Back to the good old days!

Once you have the food sorted, the next party fundamental for a perfect 60th birthday, is the theme. This is exactly where your creativity can come into play, why not make it personal to the individual celebrating and have a party themed around them. Decorate with pictures from their life, letters written from their friends, tables labelled after careers seating with friends from those jobs, quiz rounds about their life and achievements, and plenty of their favourite things dotted around as party favours! If the spotlight isn’t something that the birthday person would enjoy then why not make it themed around a decade from their youth, like the 70s or 80s. Have your guests dress up to the nines in themed clothing and don’t forget the disco balls for the decor! Even better, why not coordinate with your Nomad chef to ensure that your menu perfectly fits the theme, whether that be the favourites of the person elevating or an 80s themed menu, our Nomad chefs will no doubt have a blast curating a bespoke menu for you.

2. The Theme: Back to the good old days!

3. The Venue: Get creative!

Now that you have chosen your venue and food to fit it, you can go one step further and get the perfect venue for your 60th celebration. This tags onto your theme and the number of guests you intend to have. If you are going down the personalised route or are having an intimate celebration, why not do it in your own home and have your guests and Nomad chef come to you. Then the only thing you have to do is get ready and walk downstairs to greet your guests and enjoy your night together. There is nothing more personal than your own home and there is no doubt that a lot of the fond memories that you will be celebrating will have taken place in those 4 walls, so deck it out with some 60th balloons and table decor and reminisce the night away. If you are going down a more extravagant theme or are wanting to dance the night away with every single one of your friends and family, then you may want somewhere more specific. We have a detailed explanation on how to find the best locations in London that will be suitable for your event on our blog here.

3. The Venue: Get Creative

4. The Entertainment: Let your hair down!

Any great party, especially a 60th birthday party, calls for some great entertainment. Of course, if you have chosen an 80s themed night, then why not hire a disco dance group to entertain your guests. If the birthday person has a favourite band or singer, this could always be replaced with a tribute act. This is sure to bring some laughter to the party, and some possibly tipsy videos to keep for the next milestone birthday party! If you have gone for a close intimate dinner party, then why not have a couple of quiz rounds about your birthday person, with questions about their life, achievements, and hobbies. This is sure to get the competitive friends fired up and racking their brains about every conversation you have had together. There is every possibility that this could lead to some varying recollections of memories and events, so if it starts to get heated then why not try out some good old-fashioned dinner party games? Wherever they come in your dinner party schedule (ie. before or after the tipples have begun…) is entirely up to you, but we have put together a list of 8 wonderful dinner party games and how to play each of them, so we can avoid the usual 10-minute ‘disagreement’ we shall call it, about who’s rules are the best rules to play by! Check out the blog post here and if you play one of them at your next dinner party with a Nomad Chef then be sure to tag us on Instagram- we would love to see it!

4. The Entertainment: Let your hair down

5. The Tableware: It is basic but essential!

It may seem basic, but it may lead to the downfall of your 60th celebration if you haven’t thought about it until your special day. If you are staying at home and having a Nomad come to cook for you, then you may have looked in your drawers for your best cutlery. But if all of your cutlery is smudged and you can’t seem to kick your creative muscle into gear, then don’t fret! Your table-setting dreams do not have to be lost and your guests can still be wowed with glorious colour combinations and opulent foliage all thought out for you! We have an in-detail explanation on our blog here about how to book rentable tablescapes if you are hosting at home for your 60th celebration, as well as how to go about getting a bespoke tablescape service if you have gone for a bigger venue but still want a memorable table design that will go down in the history of your friends and families’ 60th birthday memories.

5. The Tableware: It is basic but essential

Now that you have all of the fundamentals for your 60th birthday party we are certain that you will be full of 60th birthday ideas! We have every confidence that if you work through this list, you will have a birthday party to remember, and this isn’t just limited to a 60th birthday, the same framework can be applied to a 30th, 40th or 50th birthday! Why not get started on the list and head over to our website to browse our available Nomad chefs and let them know what crazy theme you are planning! Be sure to tag us on Instagram, we would love to see what you end up working on with our Nomads!

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