How to host a last minute dinner party - a step by step guide to last minute success!

If the in-laws have just given you a ring to tell you they are on the way for a long weekend and you have nothing but a slightly stale loaf of bread in the cupboard, then start shoving the kid's toys in the cupboard and get the dining table set, because we have got you covered to pull off a seamless last minute dinner party!

Sarah Sullivan
Sarah Sullivan
March 28, 2023

From organising dinner party games and table setting ideas to choosing the menu and wine list; planning a dinner party takes a lot of time and effort. So when one is suggested at short notice you may feel entirely out of your depth and completely unable to get one in motion by the time your parents show up at your doorstep. Don’t worry- I like to call it the dinner party attendee phenomenon…. Everyone loves to attend a good dinner party but most are pretty daunted by the prospect of hosting one - let alone with little notice and having to pull it together to create the illusion that you do in fact have your life together! To make it incredibly easy to whip up a fantastic night or last-minute weekend get-together, we have covered how to host a last-minute dinner party with a step-by-step guide! So go forth and host that dinner party! You are now fully equipped with everything you could possibly need.. and hey you may just become the chief dinner party host of your family or friend group!

The Food: Nomad Chefs

If cupboards are bare and you can’t seem to find the inspiration in the endless pile of cookbooks for a three-course meal for 12, it doesn’t mean you have to disappoint. In fact, you can give yourself a chance to become an expert host and simply enjoy your last-minute dinner party by booking a Nomad Chef! Simply browse the wonderful selection of highly skilled chefs online, make a choice and get in contact to enquire as little as 48 hours before your desired dates! With plenty of chefs to choose from, all offering a range of cuisines, from Indian, to Asian and Mediterranean too, there is bound to be something that tickles your fancy. The best part is, if you aren’t hosting at home they can come to you if they are happy to travel- so the idyllic weekend in Cornwall isn’t looking too unrealistic anymore! With no need to plan, shop, cook or clear up, you can simply focus on catching up with friends and family or cracking out your best karaoke tunes, whatever the party requires! We even have some great selections for some non-alcoholic drinks to add to your menu here… it doesn’t get any easier than this!

To find out more head over to our main website or check out our Instagram for some foody pics!

The Drinks: Drop Wines

Having quality wine at your dinner party no longer means you have to get in your car and drive to your nearest wine merchant or supermarket where it will burn a hole in your pocket! With Drop Wines, you can have a virtual wine cellar at your fingertips, where every wine listed has gone through a rigorous process of tasting and evaluation in terms of value for money and palate!  Never pick a bottle that doesn’t hit the spot again, as you carry around wine connoisseurs and owners Ian Campbell and Will Palmer in your pocket through their app, who have meticulously waded through the world of wine, filtering the selection to find you a delectable menu of hidden gems that won’t set you back a week’s wages, but will impress even the most particular of wine drinker with their quality. Their incredible selection of beautifully crafted wine is not the only reason they are essential for your next dinner party, it is the speed at which you can receive the tipples without even leaving your home! Simply download their app, make your selection, let them know when and where you want it and viola, you are ready to go! With the delivery options ranging from ASAP to within two hours, you can’t go wrong with this incredible platform.

To find out more head over to their website or check them out on Instagram!

The Decor: The Clicc

If all of your cutlery is smudged and you can’t seem to kick your creative muscle into gear, then don’t fret! Your table-setting dreams do not have to be lost and your guests can still be wowed with glorious colour combinations and opulent foliage all thought out for you! With Clicc,  you can rent bespoke and expertly thought out tablescapes that will turn your home into a magazine cover with elegant floral arrangements to stun your guests. This is the answer to your limp swan napkin prayers! To bring magic to your table simply browse the looks Clicc has on offer, (you may want to carve out some time for this because they are all utterly breathtaking and I couldn’t take my eyes off my screen). Add any extras such as embossed water glasses or name tags then simply select the number of guests and dates and enquire! They will get back to you to confirm their availability to rent the look and it will be delivered straight to your door for you to set up with a simple step-by-step guide on how to do it perfectly. The talented tablescape designers can also work their creative magic with bespoke events where their full unmatchable talents can be unleashed to create a tablescape that is perfect for your event. Having worked with celebrities such as Joe Wicks and Stacey Solomon you can be sure that these clever fully crafted tablescapes, specific to your individual mood board created at the beginning of the process, will sweep your guests off their feet.

Check out their website to rent a look or head over to their Instagram to see some fabulous tables!

The Venue: Venue Scanner

If it is looking impossible to get the house clean, or there simply isn’t enough space to host the ever-growing guest list then don’t throw in the towel just yet! Venue Scanner offers you the chance to hire out unique spaces across London and beyond! With the ability to enquire about availability for the next day there is no doubt you would be able to find somewhere that fit the bill. With a range of entirely mind-blowing venues such as The Vault at Billingsgate, to smaller restaurant dining rooms or even boats, your dinner party will go down in history as one of the best! It couldn’t be easier than going on to their website, filtering your search by guest number and location and scrolling through the fabulous options, then simply plug in your dates and enquire! Better yet- you can fill out a form, select private dining and external caterers (let your Nomad Cook know the address on enquiry), add all of the additional information and let it recommend venues for you! Don’t forget to get Drop Wines to deliver your tipples of choice and watch your tables come to life with The Clicc! Your dinner parties will never be the same again!

For more information check out their website where you will find thousands of venues.

The Entertainment: Nomad Chefs Blog

It wouldn’t be a dinner party without some good old-fashioned dinner party games. No matter what your age, you will always get a laugh out of Pictionary or charades, it bonds the party together and lets everyone feel relaxed and at ease in what may be an intimidating environment for some! Wherever they come in your dinner party schedule (ie. before or after the tipples have begun…) is entirely up to you, but we have put together a list of 8 wonderful dinner party games and how to play each of them, so we can avoid the usual 10-minute ‘disagreement’ we shall call it, about who’s rules are the best rules to play by! Check out the blog post here and if you play one of them at your next dinner party with a Nomad Chef then be sure to tag us on Instagram- we would love to see it!

For even more blogs about how to up your dinner party game head over to our blog page or check out our Instagram for some foody pics and chef information!

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