Best Burger in London: A complete list of where to sink your teeth into an impressive stack!

Well, it’s a classic for a reason, so when the hunger pang hits and only a classic hearty burger will satisfy it, consult this comprehensive list to find out where to go! From the best vegan burger in London to the best Halal burger in London, we’ve got you covered for when a mediocre patty just won’t cut it. Read on to find out where you can sink your teeth into an impressive stack!

Sarah Sullivan
Sarah Sullivan
March 28, 2023

The smell of lighter fluid is in the air, as the gingham tablecloth underlies the plethora of plates and drinks overflowing with beech wood-infused delicacies. It’s barbecue season and it wouldn’t be the same without the humble burger. The hassle of dragging out the half-rusted barbecue, finding the tools at the bottom of the kitchen drawer and possibly being met with a lashing of rain by the time you’ve done that, may mean you have opted to take to the streets of London for your burger fix. But before you commit to sinking your hand into your wallet and your teeth into a juicy stack, you may want to consult this list of the best burgers in London. Whether you’re on the hunt for a vegan burger, classic burger or Halal burger in London, read on to find out where you should be heading this summer!

1. Neat Burger: Best Vegan Burger

With 8 locations in London, you should definitely be adding this one to your list. Whilst all their burgers are 100% plant-based, the most dedicated meat lovers and vegans alike can sit elbow to elbow at this burger haven with their very own 100% ‘Neat Meat’ patties delivering a juicy flavour profile created by a cunningly concocted mix of plant proteins. With options like the ‘Smoke Smash’ which features a double Neat Meat patty topped with onions, lettuce, jalapeños, pickles, mayo, two crispy onion rings and slathered in BBQ sauce, you won’t go hungry at this burger joint. But what’s more, eating here does more good than just for your tastebuds, with sustainability at the heart of what they do here, one tree being is planted for every burger sold and each parcel of pleasure is wrapped in 100% biodegradable packaging made from sugar cane or corn starch. So you can leave knowing your burger came with a side of purpose and you’ve made a good decision!

Neat Burger: Best Vegan Burger

Find their menu here or check out their Instagram for more juicy burger pics and up-to-date news!

2. Stax Diner: Best Halal Burger in London

Get transported to soulful South America when you step off Oxford Street with this classic American Diner paying homage to their roots with a menu packed with flavours that will take you on a journey across the last five decades. Their menu is entirely Halal and leaves little to be desired by any customer. Features burgers dripping in juices, topped with crispy turkey bacon, and encased in a crisp brioche bun to hold all of the flavour-packed sauces together, If that doesn’t get you salivating, I don’t know what will. Whilst the menu will have you putting the address into google maps no questions asked, it is the environment carefully created to encompass classic Americana that will keep you there, with funk records and good ole fashioned southern hospitality coming with a side to every meal you order, boredom is not a possibility!

Stax Diner: Best Halal Burger

Find their menu here or check out their Instagram for even more juicy burger pics and up-to-date news!

3. Burger and Beyond: Best Chicken Burger

This American-inspired former food truck company knows how to drive everyone mad with their classic beef burgers, but their unique chicken burgers with an international twist are what have us going crazy whilst looking at their menu. With Asian influences and a sure American spin, their Rice ‘Krispie Fired Chicken Burger’ seeps in Miso Maple Butter, offering a truly unique flavour and texture combination sure to tickle any taste buds. Jet off to Germany with their ‘Garlic Chicken Schnitzel Burger’, a perfectly crispy breaded chicken piece bathed in garlic parsley and lemon butter and sprinkled with parmesan cheese. These are some of the best chicken burgers we’ve heard of and can be enjoyed in a hip and trendy environment, so the question is how fast can I get myself to one of their 6 locations?!

Burger and Beyond: Best Chicken Burger

Find their menu here or check out their Instagram for even more juicy pics and up-to-date news!

4. Truffle Burger: Best Bougie Burger

If you are looking for a meal that will impress, then you have got to go to one of the four Truffle Burger locations in London. There are four selections on the menu, and each dish exudes refinement as the truffle is highlighted in a unique way for each selection to provide an incomparable flavour combination. The Truffle Honey Chicken Burger takes the cake for us, as the truffle honey glaze drips into each crevice of the crispy buttermilk fried chicken, is rounded off by a smooth and creamy whipped goats’ cheese and slathered in smoky bacon ketchup. This means that even the most refined palette can be satisfied at a reasonable price.

Truffle Burger: Best Chicken Burger

Find their menu here or check out their Instagram for even more juicy pics and up-to-date news!

5. Salt Shed: Best Speciality Burger

Think old New York deli crammed into your classic British beef burger and you’ll wind up with Salt Shed. Offering up a Pastrami cheeseburger with your traditional aged British beef patty, but adorned with slabs of melt-in-your-mouth New York brisket created by smoking cured beef for 8 hours followed up by 4 hours of steaming. That authentic meaty flavour is then polished off with a smothering of beef dripping mayo. It’s the perfect cross-continent combination for all the meat lovers who will no doubt be using that brioche bun to get all those juices off the plate!

Salt Shed: Best Specialty Burger

Find their website here or check out their Instagram for even more juicy pics and up-to-date news!

6. Bang Bang Burger: Best Bacon Burger

The finest British-supplied ingredients take centre stage at this restaurant, but this is not to be outdone by the lengthy procedures that go into serving up your stack. The beef patty alone is a carefully curated mix of North Yorkshire reared rib cap, brisket and short rib that marinades together during their 60-day dry age process to create the most succulent patty. Crammed into a freshly baked brioche French soft bun, the tender patty is crowned with smoked double crispy bacon sourced from Colchester which adds another rich element of Unami, softened by the Bang Bang Burger sauce and pickle and mustard jam. You have got to try this one out!

Bang Bang Burger: Best Bacon Burger

Find their menu here or check out their Instagram for even more juicy pics and up-to-date news!

7. Your Own Home: Best Burger Experience!

If the bustling streets aren’t for you and you’d rather keep the rusty barbecue in the garage, then why not hire a Nomad to come to your home to grill up a burger feast for you and your friends? That’s right, no shopping, cooking or cleaning, just roll out the deck chairs and gingham tablecloth and get ready to host your best summer barbecue yet with none of the faffs. We’ve even got the drinks menu sorted with a list of the top non-alcoholic drinks to serve up this summer put together already! Enquire with a Nomad Chef today to find out more about how they can cater for your next summer party or barbecue whatever burger you desire, whether it be plant-based, gluten-free or otherwise!

Nomad Private Chef: Best Burger Experience

Check out our website for more information about what a summer menu could look like or book a Nomad Chef! Don’t forget to show our Instagram some love and find out more about our chefs and services, including holiday chefs!

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